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Tamil Nadu Governor requests center to appoint a deputy governor to ease his workload

22, Aug 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Tamil Nadu, which has witnessed a political churn since the hospitalisation of Jayalalithaa in September last year, has been without a full-time Governor for almost a year now. Acting Governor Ch. Vidyasagar Rao continues to shuttle between the Raj Bhavans in Chennai and Mumbai to attend to his duties in both the States. Also the present state of politics in Chennai where every day there are MLAs lined up outside his house, the workload has increased manifold. And that is the reason, Vidyasagar has requested the Centre to appoint a deputy Governor to ease his workload.


Hours after the two factions of the ruling AIADMK merged, MLAs owing allegiance to sidelined party Deputy General Secretary T T V Dinakaran on Monday said they would meet Governor Ch Vidyasagar Rao. This type of incidents have been a daily affair in Chennai since last 4-5 months. Everyday the governor has been doing overtime to accommodate all procedures. In fact in a latest survey done by a TV channel, the governor of Tamil Nadu has already worked more than all governors in India. His work in last 10 days is more than what all other governors combined work for a year.

Vidyasagar, off late has not spent time with his family and every time he nears an outing with his family, some or the other MLA comes up with a request or some other work. In fact in the last 1 month, the amount of time spent by MLAs in assembly is less than the amount of time they have spent at the Governor’s residence. The government was also mulling over the fact to convert the assembly to Jayalalithaa museum and operate from the Governor’s house.