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Tamil Nadu Govt. introduces 'Freebie Tax' to fulfill freebie promises

17, May 2016 By palash tandiya

Chennai: Political parties that announced freebies in a bid to lure voters are apparently in a quagmire now after news of most political parties unable to fulfill poll promises due to ‘funds crunch’ was reported in the media.

One tax to fund them all
One tax to fund them all

An article in a local daily with the headline ‘There is no free lunjj’, threw light on how most political parties in TN, who promised a plethora of freebies, are now busy wondering how on earth are they going to fulfill it when they have no party funds.

Apparently the situation is so messed up that most parties have set aside their differences and agreed to join hands to deal with the situation. “I have not seen such camaraderie ever in my entire political career. Even during floods ruling and opposition were involved in blame game. But looks like they have found a common enemy now. Like Lalu-Nitish coming together to defeat Modi,” said a source from DMK who didn’t wish to be named.

An all party meeting that saw attendance of the top cadre of every political party, was conducted at a secret venue. Sources say that the discussion focused on how parties could contribute to the ‘freebie fund’ and tide over the situation. A few ideas suggested by members were ‘money from Amma pictures’, ‘Captain Vijaykanth doing standup comedy’, ‘Karunanidhi as the brand ambassador for Rayban’ and so on.

“Yes, we did indeed discuss all these ideas in our meeting. But then we thought why should we work so hard. This election is not being fight on education, job or health but on which party gives more freebies. Who cares once the vote is cast,” said the source.

“The best way to deal with this would be to introduce a ‘Freebie tax’. A tax on the common man so that the Govt. can dole out freebies for votes. To do so they have to introduce 1% freebie tax or they have to cut 30% budget of both health and education sector. It will not only help us raise money, but also help us expand our freebie portfolio,” added our source with confidence.

With ‘freebie tax’ to fall back on, most parties have now introduced new items in their list. AIADMK has moved beyond mixer-grinder and is now giving VR headsets, with 360 deg. Videos of Amma’s rallies.

People of the state have already started to feel the pinch of the newly introduced tax. Many of them are left with a feeling of being cheated.

“I had gone to the restaurant with my family and was shocked to see ‘freebie tax’ on my bill. This restaurant owner is a cheat. His kitchen is filled with mixer-grinder and utensils given by Amma for free and now he is collecting tax from us. Adho paaru kaaka (A very intelligent way to trick people and make a fool of them),” screamed Sendhil Coomar Murdhee, a software engineer, clearly not happy with the tax.