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Tamil Nadu man wants All Of The Above (AOTA) instead of NOTA to get freebies from every party

12, May 2016 By RT

Chennai: In a strange request received by Election Commission of India, a Chennai based man has requested them to replace NOTA option on the voting machine with AOTA (All of the above). The elections for the Tamil Nadu assembly are scheduled to be held on the 16th of this month.

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All of them should become CM

The man, identified as Mr. Ganeshan, is a first time voter having turned 18 last year. Leading political parties across Tamil Nadu have offered plenty of freebies and subsidies to attract voters and Ganeshan wants to get hold of all the freebies offered.

“I am a responsible citizen and want to exercise my right to vote. However, I do not like the present politics and the politicians in the state, you see! So, I decided to vote for NOTA to express my pain to the EC and aversion towards hopeless democracy in our state. But then, I read the manifestos of all the political parties and saw the freebies all of them are offering. If I can get all that then I am set to start my new life as an adult”, Said Ganeshan.

Furthermore he said, “There is free laptop, free wifi, free rice, free Gold, free power, free water, cheap home loans, free clothes, free cow, free goat, free fans, free kitchen appliances, everything is free. We just have to find a way to ensure everyone is elected so that we don’t lose out on any freebies and AOTA is the best way to do it.”

“It is not just the freebies that will come after the elections; I have already taken money from every party’s campaign team to vote for them. Now I am an honest man and I don’t want to cheat anyone. Unlike a politician, we have to keep our promises so election commission should add that AOTA button to get me out of my current predicament”, Ganeshan added.

When we asked Ganeshan how much money has he been given by each party, he asked us for 5,000 Rs. to divulge that information.