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Tamil Nadu politicians admit that they have run out of free things they can promise to voters

09, May 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Chennai: With a week remaining for the assembly elections in Tamil Nadu, the politicians are really worried these days. The reason behind their concern is that they have run of free stuff they can promise to voters and are no longer sure what to say over the next week.

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What else can they promise the voters

“There is absolutely nothing else we can promise them. We have already covered free mixer, free grinder, free gold, free electricity, free water, free goat, free cow, free laptop, free wifi, free fan, free food and free clothes, what is left? We can’t just tell the voters that this is all we have to offer and now wait for the polling day. We must keep on promising them more free stuff”, said a senior leader of a political party on the condition of anonymity.

When we asked whether they are effectively buying votes by promising all these freebies, the concerned leader got offended and said, “No, not at all. This is knowledgeable Chennai crowd; they can’t be swayed by freebies. In fact, we aren’t giving anything free to them. This is the reward they deserve for coming to the polling booth on the day of the election and saving democracy through their vote.”

As per sources, all the major parties in Tamil Nadu are going to meet at a secret location to come up with a list of things they can still promise for free to the voters. While some have proposed free tickets to Kabali, others have mentioned free trip to Singapore for every Tamil. Free tickets to all matches involving CSK was also proposed but later dropped when they were reminded that CSK is currently serving its suspension.

Meanwhile, AIADMK politicians have also expressed concern that they are running out of places to put Jayalalitha’s posters. “We will hire small airplanes to display Amma’s banners in the sky as there is no space left on the ground”, said a senior party functionary.