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Temple priest has told us to release the manifesto on the day RCB wins, hence the delay: Amit Shah

03, Apr 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

New Delhi: All eyes will now be on the BJP on what it will do to counter the promises made by the Congress, which has marched a step ahead with the release of its manifesto. The BJP promises to release its manifesto soon but its record in the recent times show that the party is not very enthused about the exercise.

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BJP is seen as a superstitious party and Amit Shah has said that a Temple priest had told them to release the manifesto on the day RCB wins. But that is not happening anytime soon, hence there is a delay in releasing the manifesto.

Amit Shah has promised all possible help to Kohli and his team to win at least one match so that BJP can finally release the manifesto. He has provided RCB with good training facilities wherever the team travels. He has appealed or rather ordered BCCI to give 4 points to RCB for a win instead of the mandatory 2 points.

The BJP president did not convey the name of the Temple priest but there are chances that the priest belongs to the Congress party and it was a trick to not let BJP release the manifesto before the elections.