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Tension in BJP after P Chidambaram's statement that Rahul Gandhi wont be PM face for 2019 elections 

22, Oct 2018 By @jurnoleast

The ruling BJP, which till now was banking on Rahul Gandhi to help it win the 2019 elections, was caught off-guard with the latest statement of ex-Finance Minister P Chidambaram.

While answering a question  in a TV interview, Mr. Chidambaram said, “This time around we wont make the same mistake that we did in 2014. Our purpose is to defeat BJP and Rahul as the PM face of our party has always proved to be counterproductive.”

Rahul Gandhi too wasn’t too keen on projecting himself as PM either. Insiders say other than getting to travel across the world, there is nothing that Rahul found interesting in the PM’s post. And he has always expressed a desire to move away from active politics.

This piece of information is giving the ruling party sleepless nights. “Looking at the way Rahul was campaigning, we were sure that 2019 would be a piece of cake. But if he is not the face of PM candidate then it would seriously affect out chances on winning the elections,” said a senior party worker.

Sources say that PM Modi and Amit Shah along with the top brass of the party were in a closed door meeting to discuss the upcoming election strategy after Congress party’s masterstroke slapped them across the face.

Amit Shah is expected to meet Rahul Gandhi later this week in a effort to coax him to project himself as the PM’s face. “Our election campaign is solely dependent on Rahulji. Without him our victory is next to impossible. Amitji will try and find a middle-ground,” said a spokesperson for the BJP who didn’t wish to be named.