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Termites claim they ate up Singhvi's vouchers bored of waiting for orders to eat 2G files

11, Nov 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Termites accused by Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi of eating up all his expense vouchers, have come out in open defending themselves.

The termites claim they were originally hired by the UPA leader to clean up all 2G related files, but ended up eating his expense related vouchers after 5 months of agonizing wait in his CA’s office.

Singhvi asking termites to get out.
Singhvi asking termites to get out.

“We were kept hungry for so long that we could not wait any longer and ate up those vouchers,” the termites explained how they were forced to indulge in this act of tax evasion for the Congress leader.

“When everybody around us was eating something or the other, how could we control ourselves?” they quickly added.

“Also many of us were so bored of waiting for orders from the UPA. Like always, the decision making process of the government was very slow forcing us to eat other papers,” termites further argued.

Termites claim that the UPA government had planned to destroy files related to 2G scam, and for that they chose termite attack as ‘accidental fire’ was too mainstream.

However, the plan was never executed by the UPA government for some reason, which made the insects hungry for Singhvi’s papers.

Termites, in retrospect, now feel that it could be a ploy by Singhvi to make them eat two different sets of documents while paying them (the termites) for only one set of documents.

However, experts believe that this agonizing wait for termites could be due to change in tactics by the Congress party, where they decided to bury DMK and now P Chidambaram, instead of burying the files.

“But we should look into the possibility of these termites being hired to eat coal files. We might finally know the secret behind some files that had gone missing,” an expert on missing files told Faking News.

Meanwhile Singhvi is trying to find out if these termites also ate up Congress votes, Manmohan Singh’s vocal chords, Rahul Gandhi’s brains etc. among other things.