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Terror attacks have made Bihar more backward, give special status: Nitish Kumar

29, Oct 2013 By indianpsycho

Patna. While the discussion on the latest terror attacks during BJP’s rally has been revolving around Indian Mujahideen, intelligence inputs, and Narendra Modi, Nitish Kumar has revolved it further by seeing a bright side to it.

The Bihar Chief Minister expressed hope that the state would be counted as even more backward after terror attacks took place in Patna and Gaya this year.

Nitish Kumar
Think about positive things, Nitish Kumar said.

“Raghuram Rajan ji should do a fresh study. Terrorism destroys property and infrastructure, so Bihar must have slipped on the backwardness scale even more,” Nitish said, reacting to media queries about his thoughts on what steps Bihar should take after the serial blasts in Patna.

“Our aim is to get the special status through secular means,” he added, but refused to clarify if he meant that Indian Mujahideen’s acts were “secular”.

Sources tell Faking News that the state government was not taking the situation lightly and was deeply concerned over recent developments, such as an NSSO survey indicating sharpest decline in poverty in Bihar and Planning Commission scrapping Raghuram Rajan’s index that showed Bihar as one of the least developed state.

“Due to terrorism, the quality of life will also go down, apart from destruction to infrastructure, thus adding to overall backwardness,” an official in the state government argued, “Let’s be patient and not give any knee jerk reactions over simple issues like bombs still being found in Gandhi Maidan.”

“Every cloud has a silver lining in every cloud,” the official explained the attitude of the state government towards the serial blasts.

Unreliable sources say that with such arguments, the state government is getting ready to defend itself if the report, which claimed that Patna serial blasts mastermind Tehseen Akhtar was a nephew of a JD(U) leader, was found to be true.

“They will say that it ultimately helped in getting special status for the state,” a source explained.