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Tired of being ignored on social media, woman changed her name to Arvind Kejriwal for visibility

25, Sep 2015 By Debajyoti Ghosh

New Delhi. A woman from Delhi has changed her name to Arvind Kejriwal after she was repeatedly snubbed on social media by everyone other than Facebook and Twitter bots.

Kejriwal angry that people are using him to get publicity
Kejriwal angry that people are using him to get publicity

Though reports suggest that the name entered by the applicant on the affidavit was actually #arvindkejriwal, the officials who processed it, erroneously omitted the hashtag as they assumed that it was an attempt to write her title that went wrong.

Speaking to media, she admitted that she wanted her name to be #arvindkejriwal so that she could see her name trending on Twitter the entire day, but in hindsight, she is glad that the hashtag was omitted because the topic, according to her, trends on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.

“The name without the hashtag is working just fine. I started getting 100 new Twitter followers every day, and now it’s performing even better since my husband has uploaded an image of a muffler as profile picture. Most importantly, the followers here retweet unlike those dead followers my other profile has. Even my Facebook account has exhausted 5000 friend limit,” she said.

She quickly checked her Twitter feed and continued, “Although, I am not sure why I am getting strange parcels and letters since I changed my name, like yesterday I received a ‘Punch-in-the-Box’ from someone who calls himself Governor’s office.”

Later at 9 pm, somewhere in a newsroom, a gentleman sitting alarmingly close to a bespectacled angry host expressed his concern, “This sets a dangerous precedent. Now we might see thousands of Rahul Gandhis, Narendra Modis, Arvind Kejriwals, and even Arnab Goswami’s. This would make life difficult for everyone, especially those who work in the postal department,” he said as he glanced at the host of the show from the corner of his eye.

However, experts don’t consider this an unusual incident, as renouncing one’s real identity on social networking websites is a common practice. According to them, a person suffering from Social Media Despondency Syndrome (SMDS) exhibits a behavioral pattern where he or she uploads a photograph on Twitter or Facebook, refreshes the page a few times, and then screams, “Cheater cocks, I liked all your posts!” and then quietly changes his or her username to a popular one.

As a matter of fact, they use famous names as user Id’s on social networking websites even before those famous personalities get to know about those platforms. The experts, however, feel that she has overreacted and that she could have just changed her username instead of real name.