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TMC govt in Bengal develops a memory loss pill to delete memories of Nadia riots from minds of locals

13, May 2015 By indianpsycho

Kolkata. After having successfully buried any mainstream discussion on the ongoing Nadia riots, TMC govt in West Bengal has now developed a pill which when consumed can delete whatever memories locals have of the riots.

Claiming that pill was invented to maintain communal harmony in the state, a top TMC leader said, “Though we and our friends in Media tried our best to ensure that news about Nadia riots doesn’t go widespread, but still through few communal journalists and social media, the news has reached ears of some of the locals. To ensure such incidents don’t spoil the mood of the state and to curb the negativity associated with it, our honorable CM Mamata didi thought of this brilliant idea to make a pill.”

The pill named Seclurocetamol will be given free of cost to the Bengal population in a Pulse Polio type statewide campaign.

Mamata Banerjee wondering if she needs to do anything else to maintain secular fabric of Bengal.
Mamata Banerjee wondering if she needs to do anything else to maintain secular fabric of Bengal.

“We care for them. We feel their pain. Hence want them to forget those horrifying days and get over with it,” Derek O’Brien said, as he popped a pill into the mouth of a Hindu youth who lost his family member in the riots.

“See riots are there to stay. So we have to ensure such things don’t start bothering,” he said when asked if instead of inventing such pills, shouldn’t govt be stopping such riots, which have become a regular feature in the state.

“Ideally people should have become used to it and have taken it in their stride and moved ahead. Unfortunately they haven’t, so we have to spend money on making such memory loss pills,” he argued.

Latest reports however suggest that pill has a massive side effect.

“Although I forgot most of the stuff and atrocities committed on me and my community during Nadia riots, but the pill seemed to have further enhanced my memory of Gujarat riots, which I had no relation with,” revealed Gautam Ghosh, a resident of Nadia.

Meanwhile Samajwadi Party govt in UP has also requested TMC to share with them the recipe of this pill so that Shamli incident can be wiped out from memories of UP locals.

Opposition leaders of BJP in Bengal too have decided to manufacture such pills which thy will give to their supporters, who are upset with the party for not cornering TMC at all, on these riots in parliament.