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TN MLAs: Have spent full year discussing about the salary hike in assembly, so we deserve the hike

20, Jul 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

The salaries of Tamil Nadu MLAs has been increased from Rs 55,000 to Rs 1.05 lakh per month, chief minister Edappadi K Palaniswami announced in the assembly on Wednesday. This decision comes after one year of discussion in parliament and MLAs can finally celebrate the fact that their hard work of discussing has finally paid off.


Allowances for the Chief Minister, Ministers, the Speaker, Deputy Speaker, the Leader of the Opposition and the Government Chief Whip were also increased with (retrospective) effect from July 1 this year. After this announcement news channels across nations had questioned the logic behind such favor towards the MLAs when the farmers of the state are dying of hunger. The MLAs held a discussion to finalize their reply to the media and have come up with the main reason behind their salary hike.

Faking News reporter caught up with one such MLA in TN assembly and he had this to say,” We had so many important things to discuss in the parliament in the current year, but we left everything and made the ‘salary hike discussion’ as priority. We have spend days and nights in this very assembly discussing how much hike we should get. Don’t you think we deserve some reward for spending so much time on this important topic. This is the main reason why the salary hike is justified, and if the media continuously questions us on the logic behind the hike, we will again spend time discussing about the reply to be given to the media, and in turn will ask for more hike next year. So you all should bury the question once and for all. We work hard to earn our money and everyone should respect that fact.”