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To avoid being trapped, Delhi babus to make people swear on god before accepting bribe

28, Dec 2013 By idiot420

New Delhi. Soon after the newly sworn CM of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal asked people to do a “setting” with the government employees if they ask for bribe and then set a trap to nab them, Delhi babus have come up with an innovative idea to counter this move.

Government insiders say that from now on, babus will be carrying miniature version of various religious books like Gita, Quran, Bible, and others and will make a person swear in the name of god that he was not laying a trap.

“We are also encouraging honesty in the practice of bribe giving,” a corrupt babu, all set to tweak his practices under Kejriwal regime, told Faking News, “If they pay us bribe and later get us arrested, is it not unethical? I don’t know why Kejriwal is encouraging such unethical behavior!”

This will continue but in a new mode?

To make sure they catch the fake bribe givers, corrupt babus are seeking divine help.

“Bribe givers will be asked to swear in the name of their god that it’s not a trap and they are not going to call on vigilance department number issued by Kejriwal,” the corrupt babu explained.

Some babus have even downloaded a mobile app, OathBook, which has digital version of all the religious books.

Unlike what we see in courtrooms, where people swear in open, it will be a kind of “under the table” oath process.

The dangerous mixture of faith and corruption has left people of Delhi bewildered.

Ek taraf bhagwaan hai aur ek taraf imaan; it’s a dharm-sankat, a dilemma for us,” said aam aadmi Mahendra Arora while scratching his head.

Sources say that AAP is confused on how to tackle this issue.

“We can’t ban religious books in offices as this will be against our idea of secularism,” AAP leader Yogendra Yadav said, “Maybe the aam aadmi can learn from their leaders and take a fake oath, just like their leaders take a fake oath after winning elections.”

But corrupt babus are ready even for this eventuality.

“We will also have a lie detector test while they are taking oath,” a corrupt babu revealed.

“But we are not anti-aam aadmi,” the babu quickly added, “We are only saving ourselves. We welcome the honest bribe givers, who want to jump queue, avoid rules, save taxes, etc. to move ahead in life.”