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To cool himself down, Modi invites three country heads, requests them to come immediately

10, Feb 2015 By idiot420

New Delhi. Frustrated by AAP’s landslide victory in the Delhi elections, PM Narendra Modi, in order to cool himself down, has sent out invitations to three country heads requesting them to come immediately.

King of Bhutan, and Prime Ministers of Nepal and Uganda have been requested to reach Delhi within 24 hours citing Modi’s good mood as the reason. Reportedly, country heads have been told that Modi might approve some important deals which would be beneficial for their countries.

“How to get him out of my mind”

Sources close to PMO said, Modi was finding it really difficult to keep his mind off AAP’s victory. However, after Amit Shah’s suggestion to do whatever he likes most, Modi expressed his desire to invite some foreign guests.

“I have heard that initially in rage, Modi Ji ran towards airport to catch the immediate flight to Kathmandu. But Amit Bhai stood at the gate of PM house and somehow managed to stop him. Had Modi Ji left the country today, it would have sent a wrong message to the opposition parties,” revealed a source adding that it was then they decided to call country heads to India.

Considering the fact that all the country heads will be reaching India by tomorrow morning, it will be really tough for PM Modi to spend the time in-between.

“He has been asked to keep patience and watch old videos of his US and Australia trip,” a close aide of Mr. Modi told Faking News, “Tonight is going to be a long night for him. I think this is the first real test for Mr. Modi. All he need to do is to maintain his sanity till tomorrow morning, after that it will be an easy way out of this mess.”

Government has already booked Ramlila Maidan, where Modi will be welcoming country heads of Nepal, Bhutan and Uganda amid much fanfare.

“It will be much like a musical carnival, where Modi along with country heads will be doing garba-bhangra. In addition there will be a 3 hour long drum playing session. Hopefully all of these will help Narendra Bhai to ease his stress,” commented a member of BJP.

Reportedly, all the BJP leaders who have won Delhi election, will be given “Bravery Award” at the function.