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To counter Modi's selfie, Rahul clicks selfie with Earth and aliens in support of "Main nahi, Hum" ideology

30, Apr 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Soon after BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi clicked a selfie with his inked finger, Rahul Gandhi, in support of his “Main nahi, Hum” ideology, clicked a selfie with whole Earth and a few aliens.

Congress VP did this daredevil act at a height of 2000 kilometers from above the Earth, for which he took help of a rocket speeding with escape velocity to reach there.

Rahul Gandhi Selfie
Rahul Gandhi with aliens.

“We felt the urgency to make a point against Modi’s agenda. He always talks about himself and now he posted a selfie that shows only him; he is so self obsessed!” said Rahul Gandhi lashing out at his Prime Ministerial counterpart.

“Congress believes in vasudhaiva kutumbakam (entire world is one single family), which is why I decided to click selfie with Earth and a few inhabitants outside earth too,” he added.

On being asked why there were aliens in his selfies, Rahul informed that they were roaming around in space and decided to join him. “When aliens saw me clicking a selfie, they insisted upon getting into the frame. They were very cute, so I couldn’t refuse,” Rahul added further.

However, Congress leaders say that aliens were attracted by Rahul Gandhi’s charismatic personality, dimples, and speeches.

“It’s a symbol that he is acceptable not only by the people on earth, but even by aliens residing in outer space,” explained an excited Salman Khurshid. Mr Khurshid even went on to claim that Rahul Gandhi had potential to rule the entire universe.

In an official statement, Congress emphasized that clicking selfie, which shows only one person, is not Congress culture. It requested party members to avoid getting involved in such self centric acts.

“If you want to click a selfie, get at least one more person in the frame,” suggested party leader Digvijay Singh.

Although Rahul Gandhi is not on Twitter and Facebook, Congress has pushed Rahul’s selfie on social media using party’s official handle. Party is hopeful that it will cross the number of retweets got by Narendra Modi’s selfie.

Meanwhile, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy alleged that Rahul Gandhi knew that his all alone selfie was not going to get that many shares and retweets, so he persuaded a few aliens to get into the frame by offering them toffees.