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To prevent its MLAs from getting sold, AAP organizes workshop to teach them “money can't buy true happiness”

08, Sep 2014 By idiot420

Delhi. Soon after blaming a BJP leader of trying to buy one of its MLAs, AAP organized  an emergency workshop to teach its leaders – “money can’t buy true happiness.”

As per AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal, this workshop is one of the many precautionary measures which his party is taking to prevent its legislators from getting corrupt.

“Real happiness lies in small little things, like dharna

“It’s a bad bad world out there, and poachers are roaming all around trying to hunt down our innocent MLAs. But we are not that easy target,” said Kejriwal, while addressing a post-workshop press conference at AAP headquarters. “Swami Vardanand was here and he taught our leaders how irrelevant is money when it comes to finding true happiness.”

Kejriwal further claimed that as a result of attending the workshop, as of now, AAP leaders are one of the most enlightened bunch of politicians in India. “We all learnt a lot and now, for us, money is nothing more than piece of paper,” Kejriwal continued. “Hamare kisi vidhayak ko BMW dikha dein, uske munh se ek waah tak nahi niklegi.”

After completing the workshop, all AAP leaders have been given a certificate declaring them a monk. Reportedly, leaders will be using this certificate if re-election happens in Delhi. “Now, I am an AAP certified monk, and I need nothing else in this world,” boasted an AAP MLA.

Going a step ahead, AAP senior leader and poet Kumar Vishwas called all AAP leaders modern Buddha. “Today, if BJP even offers PM chair to our MLAs, none of them will betray AAP. After all what is a PM chair, it’s just another piece of furniture,”  Dr. Vishwas told Faking News.

Yogendra Yadav disclosed that, during workshop, all leaders were given special training to avoid temptation of money.

“In the last round, facial expression of each leader was recorded after giving them 100-rupee note. And I am happy to say that not a single leader was happy while receiving the money,” said Yogendra Yadav revealing the final exam which they conducted before giving monk certificate.

However, on being asked why they used just Rs. 100, why not lakh or crore, Arvind Kejriwal explained, “We don’t have the kind of money which BJP and Congress have, hum to bahut chhoti party hain ji.”