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Top economist hits back at Govt, says no one has right to interfere in academics except him

17, Aug 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Kolkota: Leading economist and social reformer Kartavya Sengupta has badly chastised government for their increased interference in academics. He has clarified during multiple press conferences that he is the only one who should be provided sole rights of interfering in education of the masses. Faking News met this seemingly old but young at heart economist for a brief interview.

Kartavya Sen explains why only he should be allowed to interfere in academics
Kartavya Sengupta explains why only he should be allowed to interfere in academics (Resemblance to Amartya Sen is purely coincidental)

Faking News Reporter: Nomoshkor Kartavya dada.

Kartavya Sengupta: Oh Please, call me KS.

FN Reporter: Ok Mr. KS, so let’s get started. What do you feel about the role of government in education?

KS: I feel bad about it. I think education is being saffronized.

FN Reporter: Saffronized?

KS: Yeah, the other day I was passing by a school and kids were tearing each other’s notebook covers.

FN Reporter: Oh?

KS: Yeah and those notebook covers were saffron in color? Can anyone explain that?

FN Reporter: Perhaps that was just a color, perhaps there were other covers also with other colors.

KS: No, I just saw the school kids tearing covers and all of them were saffron. It is clear saffronization. And one thing is clear the kids, the students, they don’t like this saffronization. They just hate it.

FN Reporter: How do you know that they hate it?

KS: That’s the reason why they were tearing the covers. They hate the saffronization. They want the liberal thought. That tearing of notebook covers was an expression of angst among youth of this country.

FN Reporter: Oh come’on, this is a very weak argument?

KS: Ah you are calling my argument weak? Don’t you know that I am the Argumentative Indian?

FN Reporter: Well. I don’t mean ….

KS: No, I don’t blame you, I can see you are wearing a saffron kurta yourself.

FN Reporter: But this is off-white.

KS: Off-white? Perhaps, but there is a tinge of saffron in it at least to me it appears saffron.

FN Reporter: Did you have a color recognition problem ever in your life?

KS: Well at times yeah, I think things are saffron but they turn out to be white or dim yellow. I don’t know. But I still think those kids need saffron-neutral notebook covers.

FN Reporter: Let’s talk about your thoughts on economics.

KS: Oh please don’t get me started on how big of a consumer surplus are we missing out because of current government’s policies.

FN Reporter: But don’t you think by encouraging people to leave subsidies the government is cutting down on the subsidy wedge and in fact increasing the total societal benefit?

KS: Oh please don’t go to those demand supply curves. They are out with Keynes and his ilk. The obfuscation of prerogative rights to ‘denormalized’ priorities over geopolitical manifestations of ‘conglomeraticious’ designs is an apostle to the fact that the notion of utopia of equality has busted long back in time.

FN Reporter: I didn’t quite understand your last sentence.

KS: Hmm you haven’t read my books, I guess.

FN Reporter: Well, I tried to but there were some words I couldn’t even find in the Oxford dictionary, so after 4-5 pages I gave up.

KS: [Smiles] Yes, I take that as a compliment. The next guy who finishes reading up my book may even get a Nobel.

FN Reporter: Ok sir, it was nice talking to you and knowing your views about society and politics.

KS: Oh I was just getting started, but never mind.