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Traffic jams will be known as Rahul Rush in Congress ruled states

22, Aug 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Congress has decided to call traffic jams as Rahul Rush in a bid to accord recognition and respect to their general secretary and future Prime Minister Rahul Gandhi, who is widely credited as the person responsible for bringing them back to power. The decision was taken in a meeting of Chief Ministers of Congress ruled states after news broke out that Rahul Gandhi had boarded Metro to solve the problem of traffic jam.

“Rahulji has shown impeccable astuteness in taking Metro. This is a great lesson for citizens of India in general and people of Delhi in particular, who pointlessly whine and complain about the problem of traffic jam instead of applying their brains. We believed that it would be aptly fitting to refer traffic jams as Rahul Rush to motivate and inspire common Indians to apply brains in times of crisis.” Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dixit told mediapersons.

Congress maintained that the decision was in harmony with the national culture of (re)naming matters of national importance after national leaders of Nehru-Gandhi family. Party clarified that no member of Nehru-Gandhi family was behind the decision at any stage of decision making.

When contacted by Faking News, Rahul Gandhi refused to comment on the issue claiming that it was a ‘small matter’ for him and not worthy of his reaction. Various party leaders also toed the line taken by their General Secretary and reiterated that the decision was just a small token of appreciation for Rahul Gandhi, who deserved far more, and warned that media should not make a mountain out of a molehill.

But opposition parties have decried the decision, calling it a blatant sycophancy and ‘moral corruption’. BJP has termed the decision as ‘fascist’ and argued that if traffic jams needed to be called anything else, it had to be rath yatra, while BSP claimed that Congress stood exposed.

“What moral right do they have to criticize Behenji for installing statues of her and elephants? This is the worst form of corruption where they are trying to create brand recall of Congress at the expense of civic amenities. I wonder if Supreme Court will have the guts to intervene in this case.” Satish Chandra Mishra, the advocate of Mayawati said.

But Congress has rejected all these criticisms as being frivolous and driven by political vendetta. The party claimed that insignificant amount of public money would be spent on implemeting the decision and hence the charges of corruption were baseless. A circular issued late in the day asked the FM Radio stations in Delhi to use the term Rahul Rush while giving traffic updates.

“There is a heavy Rahul Rush near Rajeev Chowk and Indira Gandhi Airport at this time. You are also advised to avoid Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium route if you want to reach home quickly.” was heard on a private FM station.