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Traveling up to 3 Metro stations made free by AAP government

02, Jan 2014 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Continuing with their pro-aam aadmi policies that are going to erase corruption from the National Capital Region, AAP government today announced that a person won’t need to pay anything if he’s traveling short distance by Delhi Metro.

“This is in line with free water or cheaper electricity bill up to a certain limit,” Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal explained, “Now you don’t need to pay anything if you are not traveling beyond 3 stations.”

Delhi Metro
The symbol of development of Delhi will follow the policies of the government of the day

When asked if this won’t hurt the revenues of DMRC, Chief Minister said that DMRC has enough money and this much of burden can be easily absorbed by the corporation.

“They even have made video clips of couples getting intimate in Delhi Metro coaches. They must have made money selling those clips on various websites. We will get their books audited as we suspect they are making more money than reported,” the youngest Chief Minister of Delhi claimed.

Sources tell Faking News that Delhi government is thinking of approaching CAG to get the account books of DMRC audited.

“Many people had earlier claimed that their Metro smartcards were being charged more than the distance covered. We feel there are many irregularities,” revealed a government source why it was so important to make short distance metro travel free.

The announcement has been welcomed by many experts and journalists, who feel that this will encourage people to travel shorter distance and hence rush in Metro, another major problem faced by Delhi residents, will be eased.

When this reporter wondered if this won’t encourage behavior where people get down after 3 Metro stations and start a new journey for the next 3 stations, AAP strategists and supporters rejected such thoughts as “evil” and “cynical”. Some even called it “paid”.

Meanwhile the aam aadmi of Delhi has welcomed yet another relief and is hoping that traveling by DTC buses would also be made free.

“Also, if they can make the first two traffic offences penalty free, traveling on roads will be so aam aadmi friendly,” said Amit, a Delhi resident who jumped a red light but was caught by a traffic policeman. Both Amit and the policeman were confused how to settle the matter in an “honest” way.

“A revolution is taking place in my lifetime and I’m so lucky to be a witness and a part to it. India will soon be a corruption free nation,” said Amit, after he was let off by the policeman after paying just 10 rupees as bribe.