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Trees in Noida Park to be clipped in shape of Mayawati and Elephants

04, Dec 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Noida. After Supreme Court gave a go-ahead to Mayawati’s Noida Park project on conditions that at least 75% of the park should be “green”, BSP strategists have come up with an ingenious plan to bypass the verdict and install as many statues of Mayawati as possible.

Apart from constructing concrete statues, which was the original idea, now the park would have innumerable trees, plants, shrubs, and grass – all green and shaped into statues of elephants and Mayawati.

Tree shaped like an elephant outside Indian Parliament
Tree outside parliament shaped like an elephant

“Trimming plants or grasses to shape them like some human or animal figure is not illegal or inimical to environmental concerns,” BSP leader Satish Chandra Mishra argued, justifying the decision to install “green statues” of Mayawati, elephants and other dalit icons if there were any space left.

Mr. Mishra cited the example of a tree outside parliament shaped like an elephant and claimed that such structures had “parliamentary approval” to begin with. He also informed that BSP was happy with the court decision and trimming work in the Noida Park would begin next week.

Sources also inform that soon BSP would take up this “green revolution” of installing statues all over the state of Uttar Pradesh. A committee has already been formed to identify green trees and plants that could be trimmed into shapes of Mayawati.

“A special recruitment drive for gardening artists would be launched soon,” a BSP leader informed. These gardening artists would be joined by special police pickets that would make sure that the trimmed trees were not harmed by anti-dalit elements in the society.

Mayawati Tree
BSP activists have already shaped a tree like Mayawati and are planning to gift it to behenji on her next birthday in January

In fact, BSP is planning to shape banyan trees into statues of Mayawati and start worshipping them by tying blue threads around them.

Experts believe that opposition parties would have a hard time opposing or challenging the latest move by the BSP as they might end up harming environment and hurting “religious sentiments” if they tried to deface or demolish the “green statues”.

“Maybe if Abhishek Bachchan and Idea Cellular file a copyright violation by claiming that it was their original idea to shape trees into human beings, the courts might issue a stay order,” a local lawyer suggested, “but with Amar Singh out of Samajwadi Party, who would convince Abhishek or Idea to take this step?”

“Or if some women groups end up claiming that the statues were ‘obscene’ to be in public places,” the lawyer suggested an alternative.

But with neither of the above two possibilities looking imminent in near future, BSP has already begun working on this grand green project, sources say.