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True AAP member spends night at signal as traffic light malfunctions & remains red throughout

14, May 2015 By dasu

New Delhi. Mainstream media which was busy in covering Salman Khan case missed to report something unique which happened last weekend. An honest AAP member Gaya Singh who has taken vow not to break any of the party’s principles come whatsoever may, was struck at a traffic signal as the light malfunctioned and remained red all through the night.

Faking news reporter Ashutosh was the first to trace him. Gaya Singh narrated the incident as unfolded, “After attending AAP national council meeting I was on my way to my hometown. My party which believed in transparency checked the petrol bill to find amount of fuel we have used to reach Delhi from our respective hometowns. Exactly same amount of petrol was loaded to every vehicle. Everything was ok, I was hopeful of reaching home well before midnight. Unfortunately on national highway one traffic signal light malfunctioned and remained in red”.

Sketch drawn by Gaya Singh of the red light.
Sketch drawn by Gaya Singh of the red light.

“After two to three minutes people started moving and did not care about the traffic light. Unfortunately I could not do that as I have taken oath in my party office to obey all traffic rules and never ever jump any signal. I could see no one was respecting the signal and all were happily jumping it.”

“Initially I thought I may have color blindness problem. I stopped one bike rider to double check the color, he scolded me for blocking his way and then he told yes, it’s red, so what? There was no place nearby to take rest or any traffic police to consult. Luckily for me this was night time, otherwise I would have evaporated in the sun.”

Our reporter was anxious to know after all how did he cross the signal. Gaya Singh told us, “Luckily one police patrolling team saw me before sunrise. They checked everything I had and were about to go when I asked for their help. One of them was kind enough in switching off the signal light by calling someone using his walkie talkie.”

Gaya Singh wanted to file an RTI to know when was the last time these lights were tested, checked & serviced. Party high command persuaded him not to do that as they are the ruling party in Delhi and unlike Delhi Police department, the traffic light department comes under it’s purview. This will be another embarrassment for the party. Last we heard party has apologized to Gaya Singh for the inconvenience he faced and rewarded him for respecting the party’s principle.