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Turn off the lights and look at Shahabuddin, you will see Mahatma Gandhi: Nitish Kumar

14, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Patna: A day after advising people to drink juice after turning off the lights to feel that they are drinking Whiskey, Nitish Kumar has come up with another ‘lights off theory’.

Nitish Kumar
“Ek baar lights to off karo bhai, sab achha dikhega”

Bihar CM said earlier today that they should see former RJD MP Shahabuddin after turning off the lights and they will feel that they are looking at Mahatma Gandhi. Before this, he had asked people to drink juice after switching off the lights if they felt like having some Whiskey.

Shahabuddin was released on bail after 11 years and there has been some criticism of this bail for him. Questions have been raised of the role Nitish Kumar government played, with allegations that his alliance with RJD led to the release of Shahabuddin.

“Such big change has come in the state; a man has got his freedom after 11 years. Why ruin that with an allegation or two? Turn off the light and look at Shahabuddin, you will see the same thing that people saw when they switch off the light with Mahatma Gandhi in the room, just blackness.”, Bihar CM was quoted as saying.

Nitish also spoke about the sense of fulfillment after helping out an ex-MP from his alliance partner. “The happiness and satisfaction that I achieved from helping my alliance partner is something that I had never experienced before. I understand that common people have some concerns but as I said, turn off the lights and all the concerns will disappear”, Nitish Kumar said.

Nitish Kumar has also promised state wide power cuts every night to help people follow his ‘lights off’ policy.