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Two resorts in Puducherry advertise for special MLA wings, with luxury privileges

24, Aug 2017 By RT

Puducherry. The Union Territory of Puducherry is the latest addition to the recently famous resort cities of Chennai and Bengaluru. The city has gained instant spotlight when 19 MLAs from AIADMK are luxuriously locked up in a resort, with access to everything but the outside world.

“We do not do resort politics. That is always our last resort. When nothing else works, we block a few rooms in a resort. Tell you what! the expenses are totally out of control when we lock up legislators inside a resort. Most of the MLAs demand unusual food-items, which they have seen only in their children’s biology books. Yesterday, one of them demanded ‘Octopus fry’ for dinner,” a visibly exasperated TTV Dinakaran told Faking News.

“We charge only a few times more than bigg boss contestants for a day’s stay at the resort. But, look at the privileges that we forgo due to this lockup. We cannot meet our supporters. We are unable to receive the thousands of appeals from the hapless public. We cannot do the public service, for which we have been voted for. Not, but the least, we cannot legislate from here,” an MLA told Faking News on the condition of anonymity.

Meanwhile, two resorts in Puducherry advertised for special MLA wings, with luxury privileges, it is learnt by Faking News. “We have everything that is needed to lock up MLAs safely. In fact, the new MLA wings have facilities that even heads of states from other countries would not have experienced before. To start with, we have specialised jammers which will jam only the calls from opposition (EPS and OPS) factions. There are two TVs in every room, with one of them playing a scene of counting currency notes continuously, 24/7. And there is unlimited everything for their consumption needs,” the manager of one of the resorts told Faking News.

“It will be the local hotel channel which shows counting of money, all in the new MLA friendly Rs.2000 denominations, that will keep us going in the resorts. We want to switch to the new special wings” vast majority of the MLAs demanded to TTV, it is learnt by Faking News.