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Underdeveloped Gujarat demands special category state status

02, Apr 2014 By kavanlimbasiya

Ahmedabad. After critics attacked Modi over his false developmental claims and proved how backward Gujarat is, Gujarat government has decided to demand special category state status from the central government.

Gujarat government hopes that the special category status – usually given to underdeveloped states with governments that are supporting the central government – will help Gujarat overcome its backwardness.

A posh area of Ahmedabad.

This decision of Gujarat government comes as a huge surprise to critics of Narendra Modi who have exposed him incessantly on his developmental claims.

Later, our paid reporter investigated why Gujarat government has taken such a drastic step and also talked to various critics of Modi.

On being asked about the surprising move, chief secretary(Government of Gujarat) explained, “After allegations by Arvind Kejriwal and opposition leaders about the developmental claims of Gujarat being false, we investigated the allegations and found them to be true. Gujarat has no development in last 10 years. In fact, on a closer study we found that Gujarat’s economy has actually deteriorated in the last decade.”

“On realizing that Gujarat developmental model has failed, we started looking for alternative developmental models. Then we came across Bihar Model and found it the best.  Following the model we’ve also demanded special category status from center,” he added further.

Our reporter then approached critics of Modi to seek their response. On being asked to comment Arvind Kejriwal, who visited Gujarat few days ago to verify development of Gujarat but found none, said, “Modi is lying. Next week I’ll go to Gujarat to verify backwardness claims of Modi government.”

Congress leader Digvijay Singh lashed out at Modi over the move, “Modi has done nothing to impoverish Gujarat, its the hardlyworking population of Gujarat which has achieved underdevelopment, besides Gujarat has a history of underdevelopment going back to centuries.”

Modi’s Bihar counterpart Nitish Kumar didn’t take kindly to this development, he is reported to have said that Gujarat underdevelopment is a hype and it was Bihar that was more underdeveloped and deserves special category status.

Political experts say that a final decision on this will be taken after the elections result are out.