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UNESCO declares Shivsena-BJP alliance as the eighth wonder of the world

22, Feb 2017 By RT

Mumbai. The alliance between Shivsena and BJP, which has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons has finally found a right reason after UNESCO declared the alliance as the eighth wonder of the world.

The good old days
The good old days

“The two parties, spewing venom at each other continuously, are calling themselves natural allies is something unnatural even for UNESCO standards” -the statement from the world organization read.

“Normally, any world wonder can be seen as a tangible physical structure. This alliance is only on the paper. That is why it is so special! Theirs is not a physical alliance. It’s not even emotional. UNESCO wants to define the relationship as superficial though the allies themselves are calling it supernatural,” elaborated a UNESCO spokesperson.

“UNESCO humbly learns that Indian political coalitions are primarily of two types. The first, both parties praise each other openly and work towards each other’s failure secretly. The second, the parties throw mud and sleazing words at each other openly and then work towards each other’s failure secretly. The second is a rare combination and BJP-Shivsena tops the list and is our natural choice for the eighth wonder of the world,” he went on to explain the logic behind the wonderful declaration.

“An alliance spanning across local body elections to assembly elections to parliamentary elections is the specialty of this new world wonder. The standard of the war on words depends on the level at which they are bonding for the latest election. With the local body elections looming large, the level is currently at pure local terms and this is the right time for our declaration,” the spokesperson of UNESCO told Faking News.

Neither Shivsena nor the BJP commented on this latest announcement. But party insiders said that they were not really happy to see their names together on the declaration certificate.

Meanwhile, Congress Party scoffed at this announcement and said Congress-SP alliance was more deserving.