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Unhappy with performance, angry Congress workers pelt flowers at Rahul Gandhi's house

07, Apr 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Not so happy with their leader’s performance in the ongoing Lok Sabha battle, some angry Congress workers are reported to have pelted flowers at Rahul Gandhi’s residence.

The shocking incident happened last night, when a group of Congress workers gathered outside Rahul Gandhi’s house to vent out their anger over party’s dismal performance in the opinion polls being conducted by various agencies.

Throwing Flowers
Politically correct anger.

Congress workers began their protest by shouting ‘Rahul Zindabad‘ instead of their usual ‘Rahul Gandhi Zindabad‘ slogan. They were trying to ridicule Congress VP by taking his name without surname.

Later the group became more violent and started throwing flowers at Rahul Gandhi’s house.

Reportedly, large sized flowers like marigold and lotus were being used in the floral assault.

“A case has been registered against unidentified Congressmen and we are investigating the matter,” a police officer told Faking News.

This rare display of anger by party workers against top leadership has shaken the ruling party.

“Our party scores the best when it comes to job satisfaction and loyalty among all the political parties of India,” said Congress leader Salman Khurshid, “This is unnatural and worrying. Maybe those men were not real men. Real men just follow orders, they do not revolt.”

However, Rahul Gandhi was quite happy after the flower attack on his house. “I welcome such attacks with open arms. Jab log aapke khilaaf bolne lagein to samjho ki aap tarakki kar rahe ho,” argued Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul also issued an order to bar any action against the party workers involved in the attack.

“Congress is party with a difference, love is in our ideology. We are so lovely people that even if we attack someone we use flowers not swords. Those Congressmen represent our party’s thinking,” Rahul added further.

Meanwhile, Digvijay Singh has doubted the credibility of the Congress workers involved in the shameful attack.

“The fact that flowers like lotus and marigold were used, possibility of attackers’ link with RSS and BJP can’t be ignored,” Digvijay Singh claimed.