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Unimpressed with Gujrat election result, PM to address min 200 meetings during K’taka election

19, Dec 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: PM Modi does not want to take any chance for the forthcoming Karnataka state assembly election which is due in May 2018, especially after the Gujrat election results surprised him


Even after bringing series of quarterfinal, semifinal election victories for BJP in last three and half years, media have started debating whether Modi can do it again? Does he have the charisma to win the ‘biggest’ semifinal before the ‘final’ 2019 general election.

“As this all-important state election would happen just a year before the general election, PM does not want to take any chance. Moreover, he is dissatisfied with BJP’s performance in Gujrat election.  It was so close”, said one BJP national secretary who has been assigned to supervise the state election.

“For us to win, if he has to address more than two hundred public meetings, so be it. We will leave no stones unturned in arranging that”, said BJP secretary who has already started working with PMO and Amit Shah to ensure PM’s calendar remains free at least 4 months before the first vote is cast in the state.

“Today when I went to meet him to congratulate on two fantastic election victories we had today, he asked me to arrange meetings in such a way that he can connect with each voter of the state personally”, said the BJP secretary.

After news started tickling that PM will ‘take care’ of the next year state election, many state BJP leaders were planning to head towards a posh resort near Bengaluru to ‘celebrate’ the moment.

“It’s Christmas and New Year time. We all want to have some fun.  Anyway, lot of work will come on our way once PM Modi wins the election for us next year. Tab kahan time milega aisse relax karne ke liye. Have asked my colleagues to come here, relax and recharge your batteries now”, said one state BJP leader who is arranging the party.