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UP bureaucrat a former Naga Sadhu, that's why he underestimated cold: Mulayam

27, Dec 2013 By idiot420

Lucknow. Clarifying UP Home Secretary Anil Gupta’s remarks where he said that people do not die of cold, Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav has revealed that Mr. Gupta was a former Naga Sadhu and that was the reason why he underestimated the impact of cold on normal human beings.

“Before joining IAS in 1979, Gupta ji was a Naga Sadhu. He would move around naked all through the years, even during winters. He just can’t imagine that cold can put anyone in trouble,” claimed Mr. Yadav.

The SP supremo further claimed that Anil Gupta became a bureaucrat after watching bureaucrats function during Kumbh Mela. “Dude, this is such an easy job than being a Naga Sadhu!” he is repoted to have told himself.

Naga Sadhu
A file picture of the naga baba, who is now a babu.

“Although he had renounced the world by becoming a Naga Sadhu, he got bored of this renunciation and decided to fulfill his father’s long dream of him becoming a sarkari babu,” Mulayam Singh Yadav revealed.

Naga Sadhu Anil Gupta then took civil services exams and qualified for the job.

“It was when he became an IAS officer, the then CM of Uttar Pradesh Shri Banarsi Das requested him to wear clothes. Though he still feels like throwing it all away,” Mulayam added further and requested people to see his comments in perspective.

“He is not being insensitive, he’s just being himself,” netaji claimed.

People close to the Home Secretary say that he loves to roam around naked in his house and colony.

“Even during winters, saheb never wears warm clothes when he is at his home. He is a cold-proof person. He is iron man,” disclosed his servant.

But after facing heavy criticism on his error of judgment to understand the effects of cold on human body, things are changing for Anil Gupta.

“I am going through a lot of internal turmoil and my whole definition of life has been shattered. It was my illusion that I never ever imagined that people can actually die of cold,” regretted Anil Gupta.

Sources tell Faking News that Mr. Gupta has decided to renounce the world again and is going to Siberia to lacerate himself with cold wave.

Meanwhile, presence of a former Naga Sadhu as a top bureaucrat in the state has raised serious questions about secular credentials of UP government. Congress has demanded to know if a former Mualvi too was given such a post.

“Mulayam calls me a charas and gaanja user, I am sure that Gupta smokes marijuana; he is a Naga Sadhu after all. And the way Mulayam is defending him, it appears Gupta is his friend, so a possibility of Mulayam being a pot smoker can’t be ignored,” said Congress MP Beni Prasad Verma.