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UP farmer puts up Mayawati statues as scarecrow, jailed

26, Mar 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Ballia, Uttar Pradesh. A local farmer has been jailed for putting up a statue of Chief Minister Kumari Mayawati as a scarecrow (human shaped effigy put up to scare away birds from eating grains and other farm produces) in his farm. The act of the farmer has been deemed as one creating public disorder and damage to the state property, but the farmer has termed it as an ingenious attempt to improve his agricultural yield.

“I have no intentions to disrespect behenji. My act has been misinterpreted.” pleaded Kishan Ram, currently locked up in the local police station. Kishan said that by putting up Mayawati’s statue in his field, he was making sure that the local administration paid full attention to the area, which happened to be his farm.

Maya can save the farms
Mayawati statue put up as scarecrow in the farm by Kishan. (Inset: a normal scarecrow)

Kishan further informed that he got the idea after reading a news report where it was mentioned that Mayawati spent more on statues than on farmers of Uttar Pradesh.

“It’s foolish to expect that behenji would stop spending on statues. Instead, we should try to come up with ideas that could benefit statues as well as other items such as agriculture.” Kishan explained his rationale, and denied that he had any feelings of malice towards the Chief Minister.

Kishan believes that all the farmers should follow suit and put up life-size statues of Mayawati in their farms after paying full respect to behenji. This will turn all the farmland of Uttar Pradesh into areas worth attention and protection by the local administration and government machinery.

“All these statues should be washed daily, which could also help us in irrigation of our farms. There should be all round protection of these statues; the policemen present would make sure that criminals don’t run away with our had-earned produces.” Kishan explained why having Mayawati statues as scarecrows could help the farmers a great deal.

But it seems the state administration has taken umbrage at the act and deemed it disrespectful to equate Mayawati with a scarecrow, and therefore completely missing the novel idea of Kishan Ram. Faking News appeals to the Uttar Pradesh government to rethink their decision and officially put statues of behenji in all the farms of Uttar Pradesh.