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UP govt to issue “Riot Card”, only those with valid cards may riot

06, Jan 2014 By indianpsycho

Lucknow. After deciding to drop charges against Muslim leaders accused of riots in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh’s Akhilesh Yadav government has now gone a step ahead and decided to issue “Riot Cards” on the line of “Aadhar Cards” to people in the state.

Anyone holding a valid riot card would be entitled to riot and create havoc at will during periods of communal tension. Card holders would have the license to provoke the masses, assemble with arms, and even kill a few people; without worrying about getting harassed by the law later.

Akhilesh yadav skull cap
The father-son duo announcing their decision in a secular manner.

“It was getting too problematic to manage issues post riots. First Supreme Court asked us to withdraw help given only to Muslims, and now there is hue and cry over our decision to drop charges against Muslim leaders,” UP Home Secretary told Faking News why the decision was taken.

Sources from Samajwadi Party confirm that there would be reservations on religious lines while issuing the cards, with up to 85% of these cards being reserved for people belonging to the minority community.

“Our Muslim brothers and sisters have long been ignored and suffered a lot. It is a small step in the direction of our endeavor to uplift them and boost their confidence and faith in the system,” UP CM Akhilesh explained while signing on the government orders to bulldoze all the remaining relief camps in Muzaffarnagar.

Samajwadi Party is confident that this step will help them win back support of Muslim community in the state, which some experts thought had weakened after the Muzaffarnagar riots.

“It will also defeat the communal forces,” Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav claimed.

However, Congress has accused SP of fooling Muslims.

“These cards will be termed unconstitutional by courts as reservations on religious lines have been rejected earlier. We have to make constitutional changes that allow such cards and the right to riot for the minority community, which has already been promised by the Congress party through the Communal Violence Bill,” Congress leader Digvijay Singh pointed out.