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UPA excited about exit poll results, plans to introduce "Minority Government Bill"

15, May 2014 By vogonpoem

New Delhi. Encouraged by the dire predictions of exit polls, retired members of the NAC have drafted a Minority Government Bill that the UPA Government plans to table in Parliament before counting begins at 8 AM on May 16.  If passed, this will enable the President to invite the party with the fewest seats to form the Government.


“Today is a red letter day for the secularist ethos of India,” gushed Aruna Roy, “For the first time since the Greeks, majoritarianism will be defeated! We will have the legislative arsenal to defeat communal forces.”

Manmohan Singh, in his last public utterance before demitting office, reiterated that minorities had the first claim on electoral resources.

AAP’s Arvind Kejriwal too was delighted at the turn of events.

“The people have spoken! By giving us the lowest number of votes, they have identified us as the undisputed minority party. We promise to not let down all the people who didn’t vote for us,” he said.

But he cautioned, “We don’t want to get too ahead of ourselves. Let the counting begin. President Mukherjee has hinted that he will require letters of non-support from all allies before we can stake a claim to form the Government.”


AAP has also submitted an addendum to the Bill – in case of a tie between 2 minority parties, the one whose leader lost the deposit by the largest margin would be invited to form the Government.

When asked about the first act that they would implement if they formed the Government, Kejriwal said that he planned to introduce the much delayed June Lokpal Bill.

Sources in Lutyens have confirmed that a pre-counting agreement has been arrived at between AAP and Congress. In a worst case scenario where AAP gets 1 seat and ends up not being the single smallest minority, Congress has promised to withdraw support from the outside.

Constitutional experts explained a few salient features of this Last Past the Starting Line system:

  • A Bill tabled by a Party is considered to have passed if a majority of the members of the House are absent, abstain from voting or don’t ask questions
  • A constitutional amendment must get no more than 1/3 of the votes in the Lower House
  • An elected Government can be toppled by a Yes Confidence motion, whereby more than half the Lok Sabha members support a resolution that the Government is competent

When questioned about the difficulty of supporting a minority government, Sonia Gandhi said that her party had plenty of experience in winning elections and running Parliament with minority votes.

“Moreover, my son and I have been training for this form of Government for the last 10 years. If you need evidence, you need to look no further than our MP report card,” she said.

Rahul Gandhi was abroad and not available for comment till reports last came in.