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UPA launches ad campaign to increase awareness about the identity of Indian PM

15, May 2013 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi. After launching “Bharat Nirman” ad campaign to spread awareness about their achievements during the last 9 years, UPA is all set to launch “PM ka naam” campaign to make everyone aware about the name of Indian Prime Minister.

UPA decided to launch this campaign after a recent survey carried out by Yadav & Sons revealed that only 3 % Indians correctly identified Dr. Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister of India.

Same survey revealed that 21 % Indians named Sonia Gandhi, 17 % named Rahul Gandhi, 24 % named Rajiv Gandhi, and 33 % named Indira Gandhi when asked who India’s Prime Minister was. Balance 2 % (mostly viewers of Old Delhi TV channel) said that Nawaz Sharif had just become the Prime Minister of India.

PM, Sonia, Rahul
This picture was taken after the photographer apparently said, “Prime Minister of India, please raise your hand!”

To solve this information asymmetry, UPA has come up with a of 90-seconds commercial, in which it is repeatedly stated that Manmohan Singh is the Prime Minister of India. The ad is already running on the government owned NDTV Doordarshan, Faking News can confirm.

Response to the ad has been good with leading trade expert Kamaal R. Khan giving it 3 kisses.

Further, UPA is going to sponsor every dot ball during IPL playoffs and it will be called “Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Dot ball”. Leading experts believe it is a great marketing strategy as a dot ball goes well with the Prime Minister’s image. They argued that our PM does nothing, just like nothing happens on a dot ball.

Speaking to Faking News, self-proclaimed spokesperson of Congress, Sansani Jha said, “This is the great strength of Dr. Singh. He stays in the background and does all the hard work but never claims credit. That is why many people didn’t realize that he is their PM.”

He further went on to add, “This is not an ad campaign; this is more like an awareness campaign launched to benefit Indian citizens.” When asked how it will benefit the Indian citizens and from where are the funds coming for this campaign, he called us khakhi chaddi wala and walked away.

On the other hand, BJP has demanded the resignation of Dr. Manmohan Singh for failing to make people aware that he was the Prime Minister of India during his 9 year tenure as the PM of the country.

Meanwhile, Mr. Manmohan Singh has distanced himself from the post of PM and refused to comment further on this.