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UPA requests Central Government to keep old scams away from GST

28, Jun 2017 By Guest Patrakar

GST is almost here and it will be rolled out on 1st July midnight. Since GST will do away with multiple taxes on a commodity or service, there are mixed reactions among people. Even finance experts are not very certain about its direct impact. While mostly people are worried about how will this impact their future, UPA is viewing it retrospectively.


While it is still unsure as to what the final tax rates would be, the UPA spokesperson has requested the finance minister Arun Jaitley to keep old scams away from the purview of GST.  Though GST never talks about tax in retrospective manner but UPA govt doesn’t want to take risk especially since the Central govt has put the restriction on donations to political parties.

Faking News reporter spoke to P Chidambaram about the issue. Mr. Chidambaram said “BJP is taking credit of something that UPA started. We were close to implement it but then we lost Lok Sabha election.” Upon being asked why it took UPA so long to implement it, Chidambaram said “Its not hidden anymore that a few scams unearthed during UPA govt hence we gad to make GST in such a way that it keeps scams away from its periphery.

Manmohan Singh has not spoken on the issue whereas Robert Vadra has said that government must keep all land related taxes away from GST else a nationwide revolt will start in three days.

While political pundits are giving their opinions on GST there is still one set of people who don’t give a damn about taxes are the engineers. When our correspondent spoke to a software engineer from Bangalore he said “My salary isn’t enough to buy any goods or take any services, so why should I worry about Goods and Services Tax ?”

High income generating employees of certain MNCs have requested their employers to give maximum part of the salary in Sodexo so that taxable part of their income gets significantly reduced. Aam Aadmi Party leader Mr Kejriwal has said it is Modi’s way of fooling the AAP leaders as most of them don’t have degrees so they will not be able to do the maths to decide if GST is beneficial to the country. Even Ashutosh from AAP said something on this but our correspondent was not able to understand a word of his comment.