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UPSC aspirants request all award recipients to return their awards, so that they can remember their names

17, Oct 2015 By manithan

Lucknow. A group of graduates preparing for Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exams has initiated an online signature campaign, requesting all award winners to return back their awards to Central government as soon as possible, so that it will be easy for them to remember their names.

We contacted the brain behind this bizarre online campaign, Suresh Yadav. Yadav was jubilant when answering the phone call, “Yes! Yes! We were the group who had asked award winners to return back their awards. Look, I and several others in that group had been attempting UPSC for three years. We had grown tired of repeatedly spending too many days of our lives preparing for the exams and not getting qualified for the UPSC mains exam. When we analyzed where we falter, we found out that almost all of us had failed in the questions asked on awards being provided by govt and famous independent agencies. It is very hard to remember those names, provided the fact that none of the award recipients had written anything that was liked by the masses.”

No more scratching your head trying to memorise names of award recipients. You will see them all in news channels and papers almost daily.
No more scratching your head trying to memorise names of award recipients. You will see them all in news channels and papers almost daily.

“We almost resigned to our fate that we cannot be IAS or IPS and decided that we will go back to working in private sector if we fail the next attempt. And it was when we heard the news about Sahitya Akademi award winners returning back their awards to the government, citing the growing intolerance in Modi’s India. To hell with intolerance, but, this is like a God-sent opportunity to us. I spoke up with my institute mates and we decided to utilise this opportunity to clear UPSC exams next year. When we were unclear about how to make our campaign heard to the award winners, one of our member informed us about the online campaign website. And, the rest is all you saw in that petition,” finished Yadav, without giving a pause.

Uttering a giggle, Yadav added, “We do not want just one or two guys to give up their awards. We want all of them, those who got Padma awards, Sahitya Akademi awards, National awards, to return back their award, so that we can remember their name.”

When we asked him, ‘How they can memorise the names now and not before?’, he replied, “Arre! Seeing something visuals register easily in the memory than reading it a hundred times. All the news channels and newspapers will carry the photos of the award returners along with their names, which will be registered in our brain, so much so that we won’t forget it for years. I will be a sarkaari baabu soon. Yeehaa!” The phone line then went dead.