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Rahul Gandhi takes Congress symbol for palm reading for better future

02, Dec 2013 By idiot420

New Delhi. With vacant seats haunting Congress at election rallies, especially those featuring him, a distressed Rahul Gandhi finally took Congress party symbol “Hand” to famous astrologer Baba Bhokali for palm reading.

“Low turnout at rallies despite my best efforts was a clear sign that something else was wrong. Something which was beyond our control and out of the reach of money and power,” said Rahul Gandhi talking to reporters at a press conference.

Sources tell Faking News that Rahul Gandhi asked all Congress leaders if they thought he was not doing enough, but not a single leader said that there was anything wrong with Rahul Gandhi’s strategy or approach.

Rahul Gandhi palm
Rahul Gandhi showing the future

It is then, that Rahul realized that something occult was troubling the party. He looked up and saw lines in the party’s hand symbol, and this idea immediately struck his mind.

“Our party is in advantageous position due to its symbol. It was the vision of my daadi Indira Gandhi ji that gave us a symbol, which we could use to know our party’s future and solution to party related problems. No other party has such a visionary symbol,” Rahul said, which was immediately applauded by everyone present.

“Till date nobody in the Congress party had seen their party symbol from this point of view. Rahul ji too is a visionary like Nehru ji, Indira ji, Rajiv ji, and Sonia ji. Now, the world will understand why we chose Rahul Gandhi as our leader, he is an epitome of innovation,” Congress leader Rajeev Shukla couldn’t hide his excitement and ecstasy.

Following adulations and support from party leaders, the Congress Vice President is reported to have taken a high resolution printout of the party symbol to Baba Bhokali.

Party sources say that Baba Bhokali pointed out a minor Shani dosh in party’s symbol. He has asked party high command to do some modification in the ‘Hand’ and make it wear an iron ring in the middle finger to neutralize the effect of Shani.

“Our symbol has super strong wealth line, fate line, and life line. All seems to be ok. We are confident that after controlling the Shani dosh, our rallies will be much bigger than all Modi rallies put together,” party spokesperson Manish Tewari claimed.

However, sources close to Baba Bhokali have confirmed that Congress party was hiding some facts from the public.

“It has been over 33 years since Congress chose this symbol and there has been no change in the palm lines. It’s strange; it shows how resistant to change the party has become,” said one of close aides of Baba Bhokali on condition of anonymity.

“Baba also warned them of a possible derailment in Raaj Yog due to Modi dosh,” the aide added.

The aide further revealed that besides the iron ring, Baba also gave Rahul Gandhi a vashikaran mantra to chant it before starting any speech, which will help in attracting crowds from nearby areas.

Meanwhile, Digvijay Singh has once again blamed RSS for the Shani dosh spotted by Baba. “In this case, I don’t even need to produce any proof, it’s an area of their expertise and I am sure they are behind this,” he said.