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US gets Coal Scam info while spying on PMO, India may attack US to destroy clues

25, Oct 2013 By idiot420

New Delhi. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who risked existence of his government over the Indo-US Nuclear Deal, is all set to turn into an anti-US warrior.

Unbelievable as it may sound, India is getting ready to attack US and destroy some tapes that were recorded by the NSA while spying on the Indian Prime Minister’s Office.

Manmohan Singh with Barack Obama
Happy days are over?

These tapes have vital information about the coal scam, sources say.

However, the government is refusing to accept that coal scam is reason behind the possible military attack. “We are doing it for the sovereignty and respect of our country. How dare they spied on our respected Prime Minister!” said Rahul Gandhi, almost yelling at the reporters.

“We should be ready to fight for the honor. goli, bomb khaayenge, congress, nahi desh, desh ki izzat bachayenge,” Rahul gave a new slogan and walked away after folding his sleeves.

When Faking News asked PMO officials that why Rahul Gandhi, and not the Prime Minister, was addressing the press over such an important issue, the officials refused to comment.

Meanwhile people across the country are almost in a state of shock after realizing that US was their new enemy.

“All these days we were asking for tough action against Pakistan, and we got this! I can’t even recall Sunny Deol beating up some bad American guy,” said a Delhi lad, Vicky.

Yaar, kabhi Amrika ko us nazar se dekha nahi,” he added, explaining his predicament.

It’s not only the Indians, but rest of the world is also startled by India’s newly found assertiveness and aggression. Pakistan and China are worried if they could be next. However, some experts say that they could take a chill pill as the land they are grabbing doesn’t have any coal mines.

Meanwhile, trying to ease the tension, America has ignored the allegations of tapping Manmohan Singh’s phone. “Why will be tapping his phone? It’s of no use,” said a White House spokesperson.

But sources say that the US has dumped the tapes in Pacific Ocean as they were scared of a full blown war.

“CIA said that Indian Government will go to any extent to destroy the presence of such tape, so it’s better to back off,” revealed our highly placed source in Pentagon.