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USA state department releases new calendar for 2016, marks last Sunday of Sept as Indian PM’s onsite 'mann ki baat' day

27, Sep 2015 By dasu

Washington: Modiji has done it again. Last year UN adopted June 21st as world yoga day and now USA state department has recognized his importance and marked a day to honor his oratory skills which whole world has now started acknowledging. From next year onwards, last Sunday of September will be known as world onsite ‘mann ki baat’ day.

PM Modi getting ready for his first Mann ki Baat in US
PM Modi getting ready for his first Mann ki Baat in US

The significance of the day will be, the head of a country can travel to a foreign location of his interest to address the people located there.

As per our sources, on this day, Modiji prefers to be in USA which is considered as the ultimate onsite job location for our techies.

As per the organizers of the event, unlike offshore ‘mann ki baat’ which is a monthly affair, onsite one will be yearly affair purely because of the logistics it demands. The venue will not be fixed, it will be rotated as this will give fair chance to people who are interested to see him live in action.

For next ten years the organizers have already shortlisted quite a few prestigious squares, corners and halls for this purpose.

USA state department has also pitched in to help. There will be no NBA matches for that matter no major sporting action, no live concert in the city which will host Modi’s address.

As this event will have bigger crowds than what they normally see during US presidential campaign, the department will arrange special public transport to help people reach venue on time and also to get back home without any hassle.

Tenders will be issued to select best of golgappa, vada pav, bhajji vendors from India who will be allowed to put their stalls. This will help in attracting even bigger crowds to the venue who would like to have taste of India.

We met senior Pravasi Bharatiya Mr. Velu who is staying in US for last thirty years. When we asked what makes Modiji so popular in spite of his so many foreign trips, he said, “Modiji is a real charmer. If you closely observe, you will find unlike our cricket team who are poor while travelling overseas, Modiji’s demeanour and public address ability remains pitch perfect even on foreign land. He has travelled to so many places belonging to different continents, everywhere he has been consistent. It will be hard for anyone to find even a single flaw in the speeches he has given.”

“This is all because the hard work he has put in to understand the pulse of the people who will be attending his public address. You will never find his speeches boring. It might be little long, but it will have something for everyone in attendance,” Mr. Velu concluded