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Use those empty locals if you can't afford 80 Rs/Liter petrol: Union Minister KL Alphons to Mumbaikars

18, Sep 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Union Minister KL Alphons has once again spoken on the debate around high petrol and diesel prices in the country and this time he has offered a solution to the Mumbaikars who are upset with the 80 Rs/liter petrol prices in the state of Maharashtra. Mr. Alphons has advised Mumbaikars to use local trains for their daily commute instead of using their fuel guzzling scooters and cars.

Demolition man demolishing the arguments against high fuel prices
Demolition man demolishing the arguments against high fuel prices

Last week, the honorable minister had said that people buying two-wheelers and four-wheelers aren’t starving and can afford to pay the high tax levied by the government.

Speaking to the media earlier today, Mr. Alphons said ,”If they think fuel is not affordable then they can always use the state of the art public transport system that is in place. All these local trains are running always empty and people are not using them. They will save fuel, traffic congestion on the roads will decrease, pollution will decrease, they will be doing a great public service by switching to local trains from automobiles.”

When someone mentioned that local trains are always jam packed and there is no space to add even 1 person to the number of people using locals, the minister said ,”What are you taking about? I have seen Ek Chaalis Ki Last Local, Abhay Deol is traveling in a totally empty local at the end of the film. I have done my research, locals run empty.”

Meanwhile, Finance Ministry is planning to introduce a new cess for scooters, motorcycles and small cars, this cess will be applied retrospectively and everyone already owning a vehicle will also have to pay it. “If they can afford to pay these fuel prices in this economy, surely they can afford to pay this cess amount as well”, a Finance Ministry official said.