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Various statues run away from Ambedkar Parks as SC stops construction

11, Sep 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Lucknow. In a bizarre development, several statues that were to be unveiled after completion of Ambedkar Parks, disappeared from their podiums today afternoon as soon as the news broke that Supreme Court had ordered stoppage of all kinds of construction works at these parks. At least three statues from Lucknow and two from Noida were reported missing, suspected to have run away from the parks by themselves. Mayawati has appealed to the statues, some of which might be her own, to return to their podiums, but all of them remain traceless.

One of veiled statues at Lucknow Ambedkar Park that disappeared today afternoon
One of the veiled statues at Lucknow Ambedkar Park that disappeared on 9/11

This is the second time statues of Ambedkar Parks are in news. Earlier in July this year, Faking News had reported about mysterious appearance of a fused statue that had head of an elephant and body of Chief Minister Kumari Mayawati. The case of runaway statues has further burdened the state administration that is still struggling to investigate the case of the fused statue.

“This is getting ridiculous now. We are now spending all our times thinking, planning and working over statues. Sometimes I feel I am some sculptor and not an administrator. I have no idea how to trace the statues. They won’t even leave their footprints or fingerprints as they were veiled from head to toe. I feel like crying.” an IAS official shared his frustration.

It’s not yet clear whose statues have run away. Investigations by Faking News have revealed that no records were being maintained at the construction sites about the materials lying inside the park premises. Each of those statures are estimated to be costing around 70-80 lakhs rupees, and it’s yet not clear who will foot the bills in case the statues are not traced or don’t return voluntarily.

“I don’t think elephant statutes might have escaped as elephants are not so fast and flexible. I won’t comment about Behenji’s statues, but I feel it were Lord Buddha’s statues. There is some divine message for all of us. Buddha doesn’t want to be with us.” A laborer working at the park thought.

Other laborers had similar thoughts and theories, with many of them arguing that the statues might have been feeling suffocated at having been covered for so long, and hence they escaped.

“Now that the case has gone into courts, it will take thousands of years before some decision is arrived at. The statues must have got petrified at the thought of being wrapped for so long and hence they ran away. Forget the statues, even I’m petrified when will I get payments for all the work that I did.” another laborer expressed his fears, who was refused payment by the local thekedar, who was in turn refused payment by the builder-contractors, who feared that their own payments would be stalled by the state government in wake of the Supreme Court injunction.