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Venkaiah Naidu issues show cause notice to Govt employees who were present in office at 9:30 AM

12, Jul 2016 By dasu

New Delhi: On Monday, Union minister Venkaiah Naidu conducted a surprise early morning visit at the Information & Broadcasting ministry office, in return he got the surprise of his life. Mr. Naidu noticed that some employees were already at their desk and working at such an early hour.

Naidu staring angrily at punctual employees

“Well, he is new to the I & B ministry and he wanted to have a look around the office. We asked Mr. Rajyavardhan Rathore to show us around and that is when we noticed this bizarre behavior. We had expected an empty office so that we could conduct our visit peacefully but there were so many people. What were government employees doing in office so early, very suspicious behavior”, said Mr. Naidu’s PA explaining the notice.

Furthermore, he added, “Even if they had reached office early by mistake, why weren’t they enjoying some tea-samosa and enjoying this beautiful rainy season? I personally prefer Paneer pakodas but samosas are more popular among our staff. Go out and have a smoke, read the newspaper, gossip a little. What is the point of sitting on your desk and working?”

“Naidu Sir is very upset with this behavior unbecoming of a government employee. He got upset and immediately asked us to draft a show-cause notice for all those employees who were working. He has also asked Mr. Rathore to organize a training workshop for all these employees so that they can be trained to become good government employees”, Mr. Naidu’s PA added.

Apparently, it was not just the punctuality that upset the minister. He even spotted several corners with no pan spit and noticed lot of cleanliness on the stairs. “It felt like we had entered an MNC office and not a sarkaari daftar. He felt as if the whole department is losing is identity”, an employee at I&B ministry told Faking News.

Several employees have already apologized and told the minister that they will not repeat this mistake and will reach office only after noon. One worried employee said,”I have assured him that he won’t see me with a file for the next 3 months. I have already planned to spend it knitting sweaters, after all, Winter is coming.”