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Venkaiah Naidu quits BJP, writes a farewell letter filled with only acronyms 

18, Jul 2017 By @jurnoleast

BJP’s Vice-President nominee M. Venkaiah Naidu today quit the party and handed over the reigns to Smriti Irani. Mr. Naidu, who earlier handled the Information and Broadcasting Ministry, relinquished his services by writing a farewell letter addressed to all his cabinet colleagues and well wishers.

However those who read the letter failed to decipher it as it was filled with acronyms from the first line to the last. Others said that from whatever they could understand it hardly sounded like a farewell letter. “It started with Modi and ended with Modi. Mr. Naidu just kept singing praises of our PM. Now how am I supposed to understand what he has written and what he means,” said a colleague.

Apparently, the letter was to be accompanied with a ‘book of long forms’ for the benefit of the reader. But it is not clear as to why the no one got a copy of the book.

Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari is said to have spent an entire afternoon reading the letter. Our reporter caught up with Mr. Gadkari at his official residence, while having a samosa with tea and enjoying the monsoon he said, “I am happy for Naiduji, he totally deserves it. I have know him for the last 20 years but still couldn’t figure out what he wanted to convey in the letter. It looked like some cryptic text. So I took it to a chemist shop hoping that the guy at the shop will help understand. Those guys are experts at reading such text.”

Mr. Gadkari was not the only one, after went viral on BJP Whatsapp group, many wanted to know the full form of what was written. “We know that he likes speaking in acronyms. It’s not new to us and some of them we have memorized to make things easier for us. But this is beyond our grasp,” said a BJP leader.

It didn’t take for Congress to comment on the letter. The party which has been pushing for its own Vice-Presidential candidate saw its party vice-president joking about it in a press conference. “Maine woh letter padha. Kuch samajh nahi aaya. Theek Modiji ki neetiyon ki tarah. Woh kya kehte hai aur kya karte hai ye kisiko samajh nahi aata,” said Rahul Gandhi, while taking a dig at the PM.