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Venkaiah Naidu: We will soon have a meeting to decide when to have a meeting to decide the presidential nominee

19, Jun 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

To build a consensus on the candidate for the Presidential elections, Union ministers Rajnath Singh and M Venkaiah Naidu on Friday met Congress President Sonia Gandhi. Singh and Naidu arrived at Gandhi’s 10 Janpath residence to help evolve an agreement on the crucial elections scheduled for Saturday. But the surprising part is that the ruling party i.e. the BJP has still not announced its candidate. Venkaiah naidu has assured the nation that soon the BJP will hold a meeting to decide when to have a meeting to decide the Presidential Nominee


Attacking the BJP, Ghulam Nabi Azad said: “There is no question of consensus on the issue as BJP has not mentioned any name, instead they tried asking us the same.” But the BJP top brass has taken this accusation clearly and Venkaiah Naidu has been handed over the task to resolve the issue soon.

The first task for Naidu would be to announce the date of the meeting for ‘deciding the date of meeting to select the candidate’. Directly selecting the candidate would be very mainstream according to Naidu. So it is important to first have a meeting to decide when to have a meeting to decide the candidate. With most BJP members busy in different parts of the country promoting the initiatives taken by Modi government in the last 3 years, it dose make sense that Naidu first wants everyone to come for a meeting where they will sit and decide when will be the next time they would be free, so that the Presidential elections can be discussed in detail.

Arun Jaietly and Ravi Shankar Prasad have praise Naidu for his astuteness in coming up with a solution for every allegation raised against the government and have promised dates for the meeting as soon as they become free from their tour of India.