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Vijay Jolly says color of paint may have been wrong, not his intentions

29, Nov 2013 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Hours after being booked under various sections of IPC by Delhi Police, BJP Leader Vijay Jolly has justified his outburst and actions of vandalizing Ex- Managing Editor of Tehelka, Shoma Chaudhury’s house and nameplate by calling his intentions genuine and heartfelt.

Faking News caught and spoke to him while he was busy scribbling some numbers and thoughts inside a public urinal.

Vijay Jolly showcasing his skills.
Vijay Jolly showcasing his skills.

“Last night I was reflecting on the events gone by when suddenly my doorbell rang. I was shocked to see a crying Sushma Swaraj enter my room. She was extremely critical of what I had done in the morning and called my actions harsh. In hindsight I too felt that the choice of the color I used to paint may have been strong but certainly not the sentiments,” Jolly recounted incidents of last night.

“And yesterday while passing through Shoma’s lane, when I saw her nameplate I felt it was complete nonsense and should be painted up and thrown away, as she was trying to shield Tejpal all this while. Hence I can’t understand why I am being penalized for painting my heart out on something that was wrong and had to be condemned. Am I not entitled to paint my opinion? Maybe I could have used a light colored paint instead of black but that’s not important,” he said in retrospect.

He has now asked police to go easy on him arguing that he has already got more than his share of punishment last night by appearing on Arnab Goswami’s The Newshour.

“But I am glad Police booked me, otherwise after last night I was under the impression that there is no such thing called legal procedure in this country and I have already been sentenced by Arnab,” the BJP leader said heaving a sigh of relief.

Meanwhile Congress was extremely critical of Jolly’s actions but felt it would have been much worse a crime had he used saffron color to paint.

Before Tejpal ji is charged or convicted, it is extremely important that lumpen elements like Vijay Jolly are brought to book. They posses far more danger to the society than Secular Tejpal’s of this world,” Digvijay Singh argued.