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Vinod Rai, CAG of India, can’t count beyond 10, claims Digvijay Singh

04, Sep 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After claiming that Vinod Rai, the current Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India, had political ambitions, Congress leader Digvijay Singh has fired a fresh salvo. The General Secretary of Congress, authorized to speak only unofficially, has claimed that Vinod Rai sucked at arithmetic and was unable to count beyond 10.

“I had challenged him to count till 1.86 lakh crore when I met him in a public function a couple of days back,” Digvijay Singh revealed, “I wanted to check if he can really count these numbers that he puts in his reports.”

Digvijay Singh
“Ten is all he could count,” claims Digvijay Singh about Vinod Rai.

The former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh claimed that Vinod Rai did start counting and stopped after counting till 10.

“Even I can count beyond 10!” Digvijay Singh said, “Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen…” before Faking News asked him to stop.

“See, Even I could have asked Rai to stop after getting convinced that he knew Maths, but he chose not to count. In fact, he said these exact words – I can’t count – now if he can’t count beyond 10, how can he calculate losses in billions?” Digvijay Singh argued.

The Congress leader demanded that Rai should be immediately removed from the post of CAG and someone who successfully counts till 103.6 trillion should be appointed the new CAG.

“103.6 trillion rupees is the GDP of India at current prices, and any scam may not be valued more than that,” Digvijay Singh gave the logic for the number, though experts believe that this logic could be flawed.

“There are some scams that have been running since independence, and their value may well be more than the annual GDP of India,” claimed an expert.

“Also, no person can count till 103.6 trillion as a person doesn’t even live those many seconds! If we go by that criterion, we will never have a CAG in India as people would die before they can count even half of that!” added the expert who was suspected to be an RSS agent by Digvijay Singh.

Meanwhile Faking News contacted the CAG of India and asked for his response. Vinod Rai confirmed that he indeed met Digvijay Singh at a public function where Singh asked him to count till one 1.86 lakh crore.

“I asked him – you mean; 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 – like this? And he answered in affirmative,” Rai recalled, “Then I told him – I don’t know what is this, and I can’t count just like that!”