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"Vote Wisely" signature campaign signs will be counted as votes on May 16, confirms Election Commission

02, May 2014 By parthya

New Delhi: The Election Commission has confirmed today that number of the signatures signed in the “Vote Wisely” signature campaigns will be counted in the 2014 General Elections vote-count on the May 16.

Nandita Das
“Thank you EC”

“Yes, it was unanimously decided that number of signs will be counted into the final tally of the highest vote getting non-BJP secular party in every constituency,” said the CEC today in a press conference.

“It was observed that certain eminent citizens, not exactly noncommittal to democracy, could not vote as they had other commitments on the voting day while they had already committed their vote wisely into a signature campaign against an ideology that deserves committal in this age.”

“We have appointed a committee to discuss this matter that decided not considering such eminent opinions would be committing a mistake,” he added.

The cut-off for the signature campaigns is 15th May 2014. On that night, EC will take newspaper clippings of all the signature campaigns and take 573 photocopies (in a zerox machine NOT manufactured by Xerox India) and added into ballot prints for each constituency. EC defended this decision stating, “These are not ordinary votes to count once. Such signatures influence each citizen. If not, why would newspaper publish it?”

Signatures authorized as votes so far:

1. 24 signatories from Bollywood

2. 204 signatories of assorted liberals and intellectuals

3. 26 signatories from Pravasi Bhartiya (NRI) community

EC confirmed that it is cross-checking discrepancies in above lists, for example Saeed Mirza has popped up in all 3 lists, which may amount to bogus voting if not corrected by deadline date of May 15. Though EC has approved of Teesta Setalvaad, fantasy writer, and Tushar Gandhi, who made a brief appearance in Hey Ram, in the Bollywood list.

When Faking News pointed that some of the signatures are not by the citizens of India, EC countered saying that usually signatures are signed from home and if they are at home, they should be on voter list.