Voting % has increased as people think EVM works as hotspot and gives free internet : EC

11, Dec 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

In the last few days we have been witness to representations from the Opposition on how the very foundation of Indian democracy is in peril because the EVMs cannot be trusted anymore. The bogey of ‘faulty EVMs’ first surfaced after BJP’s massive electoral success in Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls. And recently during the first round of elections in Gujarat, one of the Congress MLA conveyed that EVMs are being connected to WiFi and Bluetooth. Given India’s fast progress in the field of technology, it may not come as a surprise that even the EVMs can be connected to the outer world. But the rumour which is spreading across the state is that the EVM works like a hotspot and gives free internet, which is making people reach election booths in numbers and also cast their vote.


According to the Election Commission 66.74% of voting was recorded in the first round which is a good number and much of the credit should go to the EVM rumor. Rural India still doesn’t have appreciable internet penetration and people are always on the lookout for free internet through open hotspots or at railway stations. At major election booths people not only cast their votes, but also stayed near the booth throughout the day to try and collect internet signals sent from the EVMs. Though it was a disappointing experience for the people, the large voter turnaround helped the democratic process of India.

Faking News reporter caught up with one such person named Jagdish Jain and he had this to say,” Mobile internet packages are still out of our financial reach, so we are always on the lookout of free internet. I came to cast my vote thinking that I would get free internet through the EVM but it was not the case. I urge the government to provide free internet to all the people who came to cast their vote.”