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We cancelled talks with India as Kashmiri Pulao was not on lunch menu: Nawaz Sharif

24, Aug 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Rawalpindi: In another bizarre explanation that has shocked the world, Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif has reportedly blamed the lunch menu on NSA meeting for cancellation of talks with India. This out-of-the-box blame follows after his weird explanation on their rejection of Indian sweets offered by BSF.

Nawaz disappointed with NSA lunch menu
Nawaz disappointed with NSA lunch menu

The menu was made public by the government as soon as the talks were cancelled. To provide more information, it was a typical lunch menu with Cucumber-Onion Salad, choice of Roti/Naan, Dal Makhni, Mutter Paneer, Malai Kofta, Aloo-Dum Biryani, Chicken Biryani and Murg Musalam.

The famous dish often seen during Indo-Pak meetings: Kashmiri Pulao, was clearly missing this time.

Speculations are that India wants Pakistan to forget about Kashmir and doesn’t want to compromise on this at any cost.

Speaking to Faking News reporter, a security official said, “There was an exclusive, pre-defined agenda set for these talks and we wanted to do our best not to shift focus towards otherwise common diversions like Bollywood, cultural exchange, chaman ki aasha and so on.

Moreover, Sharif himself had revealed the secret of their diabetic condition recently. So, you tell me, what purpose would a sweet pulao offered to diabetic people serve?”

Reactions poured in from the Sharif camp as well. One of their officials said, “Deliberate omission of Kashmiri Pulao and at the same time, including Balochi Fried Rice is clearly a conspiracy to avoid the issue spanning over decades. Like we said earlier, we are doing our best in tackling terrorism. If you’re looking for proof, please check with the survey agency that has recently included Pakistan in world’s 100 safest places to stay.”

It is being believed that separatists were sent parcels of Biryani made in Hyderabad’s Paradise Hotel. This was to ensure they had delicious lunch at their respective homes in the guise of house arrest.