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We may have failed to stop communal forces during Muzaffarnagar riots, but in elections we will: Mulayam

26, Mar 2014 By indianpsycho

Lucknow. Unfazed by the blow dealt out to his government in Uttar Pradesh by Supreme Court over Muzaffarnagar riots, Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav maintained that his party’s resolve to fight and defeat communal forces from coming to power remains as strong as ever.

Mulayam accepted that his government may have failed to stop communal forces during riots, but will not be negligent when it comes to stopping the march of communal forces to Delhi, and would take all effective measures needed that they couldn’t somehow take during the riots.

Mulayam Singh Yadav Communal
Mulayam wondering if he will fail once again to stop communal forces.

“So strong is our commitment to keep communal forces out of power that all our focus was on doing only that, and thus failed to stop communal forces from rioting,” Mulayam argued trying to defend his government.

“We failed to protect minority population and their rights in Muzaffarnagar. We bow our heads down to them with shame,” he appeared apologetic for what happened.

When asked by our reporter about protection of the Hindu Jat community, Mulayam first asked religion of this reporter, and after being told how did that matter, he shot back, “Has somebody from your family died or suffered due to riots? If not then next question.”

Mulayam however claimed that his government more than made up for the lapse on their part of failure to protect Muslims by giving all the relief that they could to the community even if that had to happen at the expense of victims from other community.

The SP chief laid the blame on doctors in the state for their failure to provide timely relief to those who suffered and help in their quick recovery, when told that victims from either community are still to be rehabilitated.

Party sources say that Mulayam has already decided that his party wouldn’t contest elections if tomorrow Supreme Court holds his government guilty of not only failing to control riots but also of orchestrating and sponsoring them.

“Such is our resolve to keep communal forces out of power,” he said before leaving to take blessing in nearby dargah.