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We were waiting for Rahul Gandhi to become PM and bring back OROP, but Indian voters betrayed us: Kipal Sabil

06, Sep 2015 By manithan

New Delhi: After announcement of ‘One Rank, One Pension’ by BJP-led government, Congress ranks have came out with all guns blazing at the ruling government.

“Modi government had chosen Janmashtami to announce OROP, instead of Eid. This shows the state of minorities in Modi’s India”, remarked a famous Adarsh Liberal.

Talking at a press meet convened immediately after the announcement of OROP (One Rank, One Pension), Congress leader Anant Shawarma hit out at the Modi’s tactics of releasing OROP with Bihar elections in mind.

“Modi’s government is not really for the welfare of the people. They only think about their profits from every policy decisions. Every big announcement is made before an election, so that they can garner votes. If we ban elections in India for next 4 years, then, no big laws or policies will be introduced by this government. This is just an election chasing government. Army veterans should not think that Modi government is with them. They are just pawns for winning Bihar elections,” he said.

“Whatever they may do, BJP will surely lose Bihar elections, because our Madamji is always in the heart of Indians, especially Biharis,” intervened Divgijay Snigh.

“It seems there is an RSS hand in the announcement of OROP. RSS met BJP recently and BJP comes with this announcement. Seems RSS wants to win the allegiance of army soldiers and later form an army to bring terror to the people here,” he added.

Kipal Salib said, “Who said Congress rejected OROP? It was rejected by Antony. He is not Congress. Sirf Madamji aur uska beta Congress hain. Rahul’s granny Indiraji removed OROP, because armymen not really wanted OROP. But, Congress always wanted to provide something to them. We tried to bring it in Rajivji’s government, but he instead came up with ‘One Tank, One Mansion’.

“So, we were waiting for Rahulji to become PM and bring back OROP. But, Indian voters betrayed us. They chose Modi instead. We were under the impression that Modi government will not implement OROP and we were using our insiders within BJP, to achieve that. Now, even Modi betrayed us,” concluded a visibly shaken Kipal Salib.