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While asleep in Parliament, Rahul Gandhi dreams of Congress being in majority, will sleep daily

10, Jul 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Taking the concept of “dreaming big” to a whole new level, Rahul Gandhi has decided to sleep daily inside Parliament, after he dreamt of Congress being in absolute majority during his yesterday’s sleeping session.

Sources tell Faking News that in his dream, Rahul Gandhi saw himself defeating Narendra Modi by over 10 lakh votes in a Lok Sabha elections. Initially he was shocked, but he convinced himself that it was not any “inception” by some BJP or RSS member.

Dream big.
Dream big.

“Rahul ji was in total command of his dreams,” Congress leader Rajiv Shukla informed, “We told him that the dream proved that he could do the unthinkable. It was then that Rahul ji realized that he was really capable of doing something great, and he has decided to sleep daily.”

Considering the count of Congress MPs inside Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi believes that his decision to sleep and dream daily in the Parliament will help the party and its morale.

“When the dream is sweeter than the reality, there is no point of living in reality,” explained Rahul, while recalling the Hollywood flick Inception. “All of us have both the options, but most of us chose to live with their pathetic life while ignoring the fact the their lives could be turned upside down if they accept their dreams as their new reality.”

On being asked that whether it was BJP’s stand of not giving the Leader of Opposition post to a Congress leader, which forced him to explore an alternative option, Rahul philosophically replied, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

Excited by the newly found way to return to power, other Congress MPs and ex-MPs are very eager to learn this new trick from Rahul Gandhi. Reportedly, Rahul Gandhi is honing his dreaming skills and later he will train all the Congress MPs to dream together in a controlled way, like it happened in the movie Inception.

“Idea is to make other MPs capable of joining Rahul Gandhi in his dream,” revealed a Congress insider, “Then all MPs will jointly rule the Parliament using the concept of shared dreaming. As ex-MPs are not allowed inside Parliament, they will be sleeping from home.”

Meanwhile after coming to know about Congress’ grand plan of winning elections and forming a government in dreams, NDA has hired few lucid dreamers to train its own MPs.

“Our MPs will infiltrate into Rahul’s dream and will ask for a re-election,” Home Minister Rajnath Singh explained the counter strategy, “We have also requested the EC to train its officials and get ready for another election.”

Amidst all these, Lok Sabha speaker Sumitra Mahajan has expressed her happiness over the idea of all MPs sleeping inside the Parliament.