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While having breakfast, Sonia Gandhi’s thoughts were with the falling rupee

28, Aug 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. While having her daily breakfast, menu for which was different from the usual Caffè latte with butter toast, Sonia Gandhi on Wednesday morning was more bothered about the health of the economy than her own.

The Congress chief, who ordered three bowls in breakfast – each one full of cooked rice, wheat, and coarse grain – to show her support for the Food Security Bill, also expressed her disappointment over falling value of rupee, the Indian currency.

Sonia Gandhi
Sonia Gandhi wondering why the government doesn’t take enough steps to reduce her unhappiness

Her assistants asked her not to worry, because international airlines tickets for her and Rahul Gandhi’s foreign trips were booked in advance when forex rate was 53 rupees per dollar (only earlier this year), but she was more concerned about the common man.

Her assistants’ comments might indicate that Sonia and Rahul go abroad too often, but sources said that both of them took foreign excursions only to explore how the minorities and the poorest of the poor in India can prosper.

The chef who cooked Sonia Gandhi’s breakfast today had found the demand for three bowls of rice, wheat, and cereals rather strange, and suggested that she had her usual breakfast. But it was later felt that a breakfast with political message will be in order given her unhappiness with various things.

It was then when chef proceeded to cook today’s breakfast and Sonia Gandhi switched on the television to find out what was happening in the country. Rupee and markets had fallen agin, and Sonia Gandhi became upset and unhappy again.

A noticeable inability to finish all three bowls of her breakfast gave away that her appetite was falling and maybe she had not fully recovered from her illness, but it soon became clear that she was in no mood to eat while the rupee was falling and the economy was weakening.

Within minutes, Congress was quick to point to her commitment to the Indian economy, with spokesperson Bhakt Charan Das saying that the “good wishes” of the poor (who have become poor after investing in the stock markets) would certainly have been with her.

(if this fake news report makes no sense, please read this real news report, which is a stellar example of genuine journalism)